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Bushfire Season

228866-tasmanian-bushfiresIt’s late November, the Church year is drawing to an end, Christmas carols ring through shopping malls and summer heat has already had a couple of practice runs.  Which means bushfire season will commence any time now. Living among the gum trees is beautiful, but each year, as summer takes hold, I wonder if this will be our year of the bushfire.                                          Read more

Connexions Lectionary

Do you remember the traditional stories we were told as children?  Our 21st century children and grandchildren relish the magical elements of the Harry Potter stories. Despite the witches and dragons and other scary things, the battles between good and evil are always successfully overcome and the young heroes and heroines live happily ever after.  Jesus called these basic, God-given yearnings for peace, the sense that all’s well in the world, the Kingdom of God.                              Read more

Once Upon A Time is a Gospel reflection for the last Sunday in Ordinary Time, Year A. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.