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Circles and Spirals

orange-peelWaiting for the doctor and caught without anything to read, I flicked through a stack of a glossy magazines, choosing one designed for younger women. As I haven’t fitted that category for many years, the pages devoted to make-up, hair and designer clothes were of limited interest. Likewise the advice columns, focused as they were on how to capture, keep and then get over your dream man. I suppose you could say the articles lacked depth, because they failed to pick up that dimension of human existence that goes beyond glossy hair, beautiful clothes and the kind of relationship that is the stuff of dreams. Read more




 Remember being quite young, watching fizzy drinks being poured, making sure that a sibling didn’t get more than you?  Or maybe the reverse if it was brussel sprouts being dished out. If it didn’t actually spark a ‘’That’s not fair” response, then you probably thought it.  We seem to catch on to the justice thing early in life and keep it user-fresh until hopefully we mature enough to replace our selfishness with the bigger picture. Read more

Unfair is a Gospel reflection for the Twenty Fifth Sunday of Year A. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.