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These Foolish Things . . .

Jean-Claude Rowland

Jean-Claude Rowland

The oddest things can stir up memories, as did this photo my friend Jean-Claude sent me last week. Back in what small children call ‘the olden days’ I taught in the Tiwi Islands, once a semi-remote mission, now a tourist destination.  The church was, and still is, a wooden structure with internal shutters that kept out the weather – and the light. My prayers in that church were often distracted by the desire to consign those noisy, dark, hand hewn timber shutters to the mission kitchen fire and replace them with Territory style glass louvres.    Read more                                                                                          



It’s a relief to know that God doesn’t keep lists. When we die God isn’t going to greet us with a list headed with our name detailing all the things we never achieved. Just as God stuck with the Chosen People through their many infidelities, so too God never loses faith in us. God can work with our faults and our blind spots. Always God copes far better with our weaknesses and failures than we do ourselves.                                   Read more

Keeping Lists is a Gospel reflection for the Twenty Seventh Sunday of Year A. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.