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Spring PlantingWattle tree

In my ideal Church, the Church I sometimes dream about, spring is when I’d choose to celebrate the Paschal season in Australia. I would like to experience the Holy Week liturgy as more than an intellectual exercise. I want to anticipate it during the tedious days of winter and feel the new life as it touches my skin with the promise and warmth of Easter resurrection. I want the newness that follows winter to flow over into my everyday.                                                             Read more




 We are used to seeing the image of the cross as decorative, often worn as jewellery, or leading the way in religious processions. But up until Constantine and his mother gave it prominence it evoked fear. Crosses hung with the decaying corpses of Christians who had defied Roman authority stood outside too many city walls.  More

The Triumph of the Cross is a Gospel reflection for the Twenty Fourth Sunday of Year A. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.