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Women on the Margins

Woman anointing Jesus' feetIt takes a particular type of courage and self- assurance to be a contestant on a reality show such as Master Chef or Dancing with the Stars. You need to be both talented and extraverted, neither of which I am. I don’t know how talented the un-named woman who barged into Simon the Pharisee’s house carrying a very expensive pot of perfumed oil was, but she was definitely an extrovert.     Read more



In the early 1960’s Charles Schulz illustrated a little book called two-by-fours. In one cartoon the Charley Brown type character says, ‘’Just when I was getting strong enough to be able to defend myself, they tell me about sharing!’’ In a way it’s a paraphrase of Jesus’ words “You must love your neighbor as yourself’’, but how absolutely disconcerting to a three year old.    Read more

Love Your Neighbor is a Gospel reflection for the Thirtieth Sunday of Year A. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.