Places and Spaces to Nurture the Soul

Everyone needs a time- space to chill out. Jesus experienced this need and so did his Apostles. Like them, we sometimes feel that there is so much noise and we’re so stressed/busy/tired/put upon, that we can’t recognise the gentle, whispering voice of the person God wants us to be. There are as many different places and spaces to nurture the inner person as there are people. What follow are some possibilities. Your own experience and imagination will add to them I’m sure.

  • A long warm, sudsy bath
  • A fabric shop –enjoy the colours and texture, the possibilities of beautiful fabrics
  • Somewhere that has an open fire on a cold day.
  • Sitting under a broad leafed tree on a hot day.
  • Visit a craft show or just wander through a craft shop .
  • Enjoy the possibilities offered by a store like Bunnings.
  • Read some poetry
  • View a film that takes you into another culture, then think about it over a cup of coffee.
  • Sit outside and watch the stars… or the clouds
  • Spend a day at a retreat centre
  • Take a one-person picnic to the park
  • Enjoy a special treat … like an ice cream sundae or cream cake!
  • Stroll through a public garden
  • Visit a plant nursery
  • Explore an art gallery…an historic mansion… a museum
  • A walking track
  • A bike path
  • The local swimming pool
  • Enroll in a Tai chi  class
  • Venture onto the kid’s trampoline
  • Take a bus / train / tram ride to … where?
  • Cook or eat something new.
  • Walk along a deserted beach.

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAThese everyday places and spaces can be very personal places that help us connect with ourselves, catch our breath and be energised for the next round of daily life. When they lead us to prayer, then they become sacred places. Like Elijah thousands of years ago we all occasionally need to clear our heads of the great winds and earthquakes that punctuate our days and become quiet. Only then will we hear the still small voice of God that whispers like a gentle breeze in the silence.