Things Which Can’t Be Explained

Sometimes itAn evening walk’s necessary to slow down and give the big questions the space they need to be heard. Summer holidays can offer more than time to catch up on sleep and read the latest whodunit or romantic novel. In an Australian summer even the most harried adult occasionally feels the need to slow down to an evening walk along the beach or sit quietly on the veranda as the day blends into darkness and before the mosquitos start buzzing.                                                    Read more



Connexions Bible-620x428

Do you remember your childhood experiences of water –playing under the hose on a hot day, puddles on a wet path, diving into cool water, a glass of cold water on a night when it was too hot to sleep? A world without the roar of a waterfall, the gurgle of tap water, the still expanse of a lake, is a world without a future. John the Baptiser knew the power of water.                                                         Read more

The Wonder of Water is a Gospel reflection for the  feast of the Baptism of the Lord. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.