When Australia is Home

australia_day_logo_300w Last Sunday my five year old grandson experienced a whole bundle of ‘firsts’, beginning with a 45 minute train ride and culminating in a stage production of “The Tiger Who Came to Tea’. For those few hours I got to see the world from the perspective of a five year old. We waited, impatiently, for the train, in a queue to pick up our theatre tickets, for the tiger to make his appearance on stage. I answered questions about scary tunnels and underground stations, about the difference between a young woman soliciting money from train passengers and the talented buskers we saw, and enjoyed his wonder, delight and his complete absorption in the moment  as the story unfolded on stage.                                                                                                                     Read more 




Our church buildings – their shape, size, layout, decor and furniture – say a lot about how we see ourselves as a Church and how we express that.                                                                               Read more

Church Space is a Gospel reflection for the  3rd  Sunday of Year B. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.