Naming God Sophia

Woman at the wellWay back in ‘the olden days’, when I was in Grade 3, we had a Bible story book that pictured God as a portly, white bearded old man, sitting on a cloud. . Even though I don’t think it’s operative in my life, the image persists – God is old, male and distant. The way our imagination pictures God is a poor substitute for the real thing but it’s all we have.  As a post Vatican 2 woman I am not comfortable with Old Testament passages that equate God with manly things like kings and battles, thunder and lightning.                                                         Read more


As a Cardinal, Pope John 2 visited Australia, and during that time he said Mass and had lunch in the church of the Resurrection, a Polish church in our street. The teenageBible-620x428r who was our babysitter at the time of the Pope’s election, remarked with awe that “when the pope was in Australia he ate my mother’s pavlova”. It reminds me of the countless generations of women of who have cooked for and served the people of God and the men of God in particular.                                                                              Read more

 Nameless is a Gospel reflection for the  4th Sunday of Year B. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.