The Lure of the Desert

I will lure you into the desert and speak to your heart.

I will lure you into the desert and speak to your heart.

We call it the outback – the 70% of Australia that is geographically described as desert. A couple of generations ago Hans Heyson painted it and the mass produced prints took pride of place on lounge room walls. Grey nomads trundle their caravans across it, writers and film makers have hung it with their stories and we write Uluru and Kakadu on our bucket lists. But we don’t live there. Instead we cluster around the blue and green rim of this vast island we live in. Read more



There’s a good reason, if maybe an uncomfortable one, for Lent to start with ashes. In virtually Bible-620x428every culture there is somewhere a concept of withdrawing to sit in the ashes for some time out, yearning for some deep joy or fulfillment. You remember the story of Cinder-ella. Before she got to dance with the prince she spent quite a time sitting in the ashes. This is the theology of Lent – before we can be transformed, we have to sit in the ashes.                                                                                                   Read More

Sitting in the Ashes is a Gospel reflection for the  First Sunday of Lent, Year B. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.