The Silence of the Desert

I will lure you into the desert and speak to your heart.

I will lure you into the desert and speak to your heart.

In my mid- twenties I was asked to leave the palm trees and blue sea of the NT Top End to teach at a Mission school 85 kms from Alice Springs. Being both young and a good religious I said yes. This, my first and last experience of living in desert country, only lasted six months. I just wasn’t ready, or generous enough, to live and teach in a landscape without trees, gritty red dust, wind and the paralysing vastness and silence of the miles between me and Alice Springs.             Read more

Next week: Desert-ed Places


It’s a moving experience to be invited into the inner life of another, for them to share their joys and fears, the memories that have shaped them. Sometimes we talk about such things with someone trusted, putting words and symbols around relationships and experiences that mightBible-620x428 never be spoken about in any other context. In spiritual direction we have the opportunity to reflect on the way we pray and how we experience God.                                                              Read more

Invited In is a Gospel reflection for the  Second Sunday of Lent, Year B. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.