Desert Danger

I will lure you into the desert and speak to your heart.

I will lure you into the desert and speak to your heart.

If you go bushwalking, then you don’t wear thongs. Male and female, we wear thick socks inside a pair of sturdy boots, anticipating the uneven and prickly ground beneath our feet. Along with water and sensible snacks we tuck sunscreen and insect repellent into our daypacks. The fierce sun is the first thing we notice walking into the open spaces of Australia – that is before all sorts of flying, biting, whirring- winged insects notice us.      Read on

Next week: Desert Horizons


 If the Nicodemus in St John’s Gospel was around today, he might be a politician – one of the quiet ones, rarely seen on TV, but respected by his peers for his sincerity and intelligent Bible-620x428approach to important issues. He would probably have a law degree and live in an up-market house in a leafy suburb. The Nicodemus portrayed in John’s Gospel was all of those things, but he was also . . .          Read on

Nicodemus  is a Gospel reflection for the  Fourth Sunday of Lent, Year B. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.