When the Desert Flowers

Desert bloom #10The wilderness and the dry land shall be glad, the desert shall rejoice and blossom; like the crocus it shall blossom abundantly, and rejoice with joy and singing. (Is. 35:1)

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Like most people who sit in the church pews week after week. I’m caught up in all these conflicting possibilities that come under the heading of Easter.  As a catholic I’ve participated in Bible-620x428Palm Sunday processions, observed feet washing at Holy Thursday Masses, kissed the cross on Good Friday, lit candles and been sprinkled with water at the Easter vigil.  There have been some Holy Week liturgies that spoke to my heart and gave me a momentary glimpse into the mystery of God’s love personified in Jesus.  But many more liturgies have left me unmoved, feeling very much a spectator in a male dominated performance.    Read on

Holy Week is a Gospel reflection for the  Sixth  Sunday of Lent, Year B. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.