Mothering Women

My mother, Gertrude Helyar -early 1930's

My mother, Gertrude Helyar -early 1930’s

This weekend we celebrate mothers and my current favourite shopping centre is awash with flowery gift possibilities for the mothering women in people’s lives.

Mothers and grandmothers model for us what it means to be a woman. Through the generations we carry their colours in our genes – eyes, skin, hair. As I age I am endeavouring to find out more about the stories of the women whose genes and characteristics have shaped and gifted me in many ways – from my shape, to the way I approach hardship and where I want to live.

A sacred thread connects their story to mine. My mother, grandmothers, women friends, aunts and cousins as well as unforgettable teachers and mentors, are threaded through my life.

Not all these women are mothers or sisters or aunts, but each one has been birthed into the mystery of being someone’s daughter, someone’s grand-daughter. Mother’s Day is my opportunity to give thanks for their nurturing, their beauty of spirit and their resilience in the face of life’s challenges.

This weekend, maybe in a family setting or maybe alone, take a little time to prayerfully celebrate the long line of women who have been part of your life

What you will need: 4 tea lights or candles, a sprig of rosemary for remembrance, maybe photos or memorabilia.

First candle: I light this candle in honour of my birth mother who laboured to give me life.

Second candle: I light this candle in honour of my grandmothers and their grandmothers and all the women who went before them.

Third candle: I light this candle in honour of all the women who have died but whose stories live on in me.

Fourth candle: I light this candle in honour of all the women who are part of my life today – who continue to shape and gift me with their nurturing, affirmation, courage and enthusiasm.

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Judith Lynch


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