Marking Time

 Tarella Spirituality, the website, is now over five years old. It was an unexpected birthday present from my computer savvy youngest brother and pushed me to learn computer skills that I had assumed were beyond the competence of this older woman.  Well, I learnt, and since then, with just a couple of breaks, Tarella Spirituality has sped out into the world wide web and landed in your inbox every week.

I began by writing a weekly Gospel reflection and gradually increased that to pieces about ordinary kinds of experiences, as well as occasional digs at what I perceived as a Church that had lost touch with everydayness.

I belong to a generation that was baptised into a Church that spoke Latin. As a young adult I experienced the headiness and wonderful possibilities of Vatican 2. That was 50 years ago now, and I believe that, before it’s too late, ordinary people like me need to tell what it was like to live through those years, to hang on to your faith when so much was changing, to weather the inevitable disappointments.

So, over the next few months, I am going to try my hand at writing a book about my experiences of those years and how they continue to support and challenge me as I live out my baptismal faith as a Catholic. Your prayerful support would be appreciated.

That means that I am going to take a break from writing new material for the Tarella Spirituality website.  However, once every couple of weeks I will post a piece from my archives, none of which are on this current website. You will still find the Gospel reflections for the rest of Year B on the Connexions page.

Last weekend Harry, my youngest grandchild, turned three. My archival piece this week was written to celebrate his birth. I hope that some of its words find an echo in your own life experience.Harry 2

Judith Lynch       

Harry       My newest grandson is just a few weeks old.  He  needed a bit of help to be born, so instead  being one of my daughter’s birth buddies I waited anxiously in her room while a doctor in the hospital theatre gently lifted out her second child into the waiting hands of his father. Nine months had done their job. DNA had distributed the family genes into yet another unique model. Harry