I’m back

I’m aware that this year I’ve neglected Tarella Spirituality and my faithful readers. While some retirees walk the Camino, some babysit grandchildren or become volunteers in community or church organizations. Others decide to write a book.

Well, that’s me and now I’m a bit over half way through. To use a yachting expression it hasn’t all been clear sailing. 25,000 words in I reread what I had written and was dissatisfied with it. There were two options as I saw it – hit the delete button or re write. It took me a couple of weeks to dredge up the courage to start again but .. .I re-wrote and now that’s behind me and I’ve started on the rest of the chapters. All encouragement gratefully accepted!

I hope you find something to think about in my piece about Deacon Boniface Perdjert. If not, then check out the Gospel reflection for this Sunday. You’ll find it on the Connexions page.

From my home among the gum trees,