Praying the memories

Tarella Spirituality website has taken a back seat this year while I write about the life choices I have made, why I made them and how they continue to ripple through my life. I’ve looked at photo albums, dug out years of journals, made time lines and sometimes felt submerged in memories that I never knew were there.

I’ve discovered that in the passage of time, happenings which may have gone unnoticed can take on a new and unexpected significance. There have been turning points in my life, small choices sometimes, which sent me in directions that I didn’t understand at the time.

Recalling past events, experiences and people is giving me a chance to capture their power and occasionally to better understand and to heal a memory that has niggled for years. Attending to my story has enabled me to experience in a new way the touch of God that has always been there. This is prayer.

As Michael Leunig says: “Let it go. Let it out. Let it all unravel. Let it free and it can be a path on which to travel.”

   Praying a Memory Leunig

▪       When a memory surfaces, don’t flick it away. Invite God to join you as you ponder this piece of your personal and  private life literature.

▪       Be gentle with whatever memory surfaces, whether it’s a person, a place or a long forgotten experience. Let it unfold without anxiety or tension.

▪       Locate the space of the memory, where it happened.

▪       What were your feelings before, during and after the event or experience?

▪       What feelings rise up now in your recollections?

▪       Share these feelings with God. Be honest. God can take it!

▪       What would you like to say to the memory. Say it.

▪       Give God some space to reply. It may come as another memory, or a feeling or maybe words of scripture or a song. Sometimes the response will come later, but you will recognise it. Whatever the response, trust it.

Judith Lynch