Christmas Greetings

Believers and unbelievers, mystics and agnostics, all are familiar with the language of Christmas – stars and angels, gifts and best wishes, family and eating together, hope in the future, peace. 

However and where ever you celebrate Christmas, may you never lose sight of the wonder and challenge that is wrapped up in Jesus, who came to affirm the  the gift that is life. 

A joyous Christmas to you all.                                    Judith Lynch 


Joseph’s story

As a carpenter, I am used to the outdoors —  
the smells of animals and hay.
I am drawn to rough and cluttered sheds.
I shape and whittle undressed wood
until smooth as newborn skin.

I was in Bethlehem to register for taxes.
Mary wanted to come with me
though it seemed unwise.
That’s how I became the ‘midwife’.
A not-yet-husband, teary and helping
to bring our baby into the world
into an environment I love.

There are stories told but
for all I know, the whole world
might have been a choir.
I wouldn’t have heard them —
I sobbed so much.

 (Marlene Marburg PhD is a spiritual director and formator at Kardia Formation in Melbourne, Australia. Her latest collection of poetry Grace Undone: Encounter is available through