New Year musings


Today, as on so many other days, I sit in front of my laptop wondering what to write about. I look out the window and the skinny gum trees that fill my horizon wave silently back at me. They speak of something green and living.

But my mind, or maybe my imagination, seems more like a Mallee wheat paddock stripped of its grain, dry and vastly empty. img_1119

Tarella Spirituality dot com is nine years old now. During those years I have dared to write about everyday things and experiences, to explore them at a deeper level, to move into their heart.

As the only experience I can really talk about with any validity is my own, I write as a woman, an Australian, a mother, a lay person and a catholic.

My relationship with God and the way I experience God cannot be disconnected from where, when and how of my everyday.

But whether I’m writing a Gospel reflection for Connections or a piece that explores stumbling upon a snakeskin in the dry grass or putting into words what it was like to be an onlooker at the ultrasound of an unborn grandchild, I try to express it in words that are theologically sound and scripturally based – without the church- speak.

Since the mid-fifties I’ve been part of a world that gradually led me to understand that women live their lives, and express their spirituality, differently to that of men. I believe that the religion we have inherited, and the way we catholics still hear it expressed, is a one-size-fits-all, men’s sizing. It’s cerebral rather than embodied.

When I write about the ordinary stuff of life I want women to recognise in it as their own, to value the God-speak it holds, be open to being surprised by God.

The website Tarella Spirituality is like each of us, a work in progress – able to evolve and change to meet real needs. So I’ve just one question:

What would you like to read more about?

prayer or scripture,

church matters or family matters,

an occasional book or website review,

poems that take my breath away or verbal wanderings through the landscape of everyday,

or maybe something more challenging.

Help me out here. Send me your thoughts about what you would like to read about on Tarella Spirituality, so that next time I sit wondering what to write I’ll have a few ideas. You can reach me at

Judith Lynch