Why Tarella Spirituality? 

Tarella homesteadTarella was the name of my maternal grandparent’s  farm in the Victorian Mallee country. The house was set in an oasis of scrubby gum trees, opening out into vast paddocks that drew a line across the horizon. There, on a wheat and sheep property, my Methodist grandparents brought up ten children. My mother married a city boy and lived out her life in suburban Melbourne, but the memory of that landscape seems to have merged into my DNA,. Since childhood it has been urging me to move beyond my everyday horizons and into the wide spiritual dimensions of life.

Tarella space

Tarella space


You might find your Tarella space on water, in the mountains, on a city street or in the Australian bush. Wherever it is, Tarella Spirituality invites you to revisit it in your prayer, to find in it the the heart of God who dwells in the heart of everything.

 About Judith: 

I am an Australian woman, living in Melbourne, who has reached an  “interesting” age. As an older woman I prefer the term Sophia woman to crone, as I begin to claim my inner wisdom.

My Catholic faith is important to me ,but I am bemused by many beliefs and practices that pass as dogma. I write because I believe organized religion doesn’t always have the language,  or even the freedom of expression, that touches into our God-hunger. I don’t like ‘church-speak’ and I love using imagery that is identifiably Australian. Jack and Judith

My head is full of all kinds of bits and pieces gathered from a a life that includes some years as a Religious Sister, teaching on Aboriginal settlements, marriage, losing a child, running a general store, the death of my husband and nearly two decades as a Pastoral Associate. As a youngish woman I became an adoptive mum to two girls and a foster mum to two boys and a girl. Now their children call me Nanna.

As a mature age student I studied spiritual direction, because helping others, particularly women, to identify the sacred in the ordinary of their lives, is my passion.Retirement has helped me to reclaim my creative gift with the written word. I do this mainly through my website, Tarella Spirituality.

I cannot imagine my life without my children, books. . . or chocolate.