From Where I Sit

Sometimes it’s on the veranda, other times in front of my laptop, or maybe watching television.  In From Where I Sit I write my observations and musings about personal experience and current events,  and how they connect with the Jesus story.
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Wherever you go
Adult Prayer
Pockets of Space
Pray As You Are
A Creed about God, Religion, Parents and Families
I’m not racist, but . . . 
Faith of our Fathers
A Doting God
Road Closed
Cats and Earthquakes
Having A Say
Things Which  Can’t Be Explained
Twelve Days
Family Saints
Faith is a Slppery Fish
Poverty at our Gates
Ordinary Time
Places and Spaces to Nurture the Soul
Religion and Spirituality
Where is God?
Prophetic Voices

Cloud Walking
Fitting Farewells
Being Five
In Praise of Young Dads
Looking for Balance
Dear Pope Francis